Exposur is a collaborative exhibition by REV-001 GROUP that explores the value and individuality of common construction materials beyond their conventional use. Designed with express purpose in composition, form, finish, and inherent material property, they are rarely exposed or celebrated in their raw state. The participating designers developed pieces that seek to reveal the unintentional beauty and honesty of these materials, placing them in a new domestic context.

REV 001 GROUP is a collective of international designers and architects from Germany, Switzerland, and the United States: Mirko Ihrig, Casey Doran Lewis, Dan Snyder, Erik Berg Kreider, Laylee Salek, Safura Salek, Sanam Salek, and Studio XYZ

Exhibited at Alcova, Milan 2019
graphics by Blake Lewis, photos by Jagoda Wisniewska

REV-001 Group
Year: 2019

Copyright 2019
New York, NY