‘Real Estate’ tabe for Quick Tiny Shows #04 - Architecture for Plants. The table re-contextualizes plants within our domestic space for a newfound spatial purpose. Rather than existing on the periphery of our interiors, the table is built off standard coffee table dimensions, placing plants in an area that’s both very public and central to most living environments. The table surface supports a bed of grass, creating living upholstery that enables a cultural exchange between plants and humans. Reminiscent of the suburban American obsession to have the perfectly curated outdoor lawn, it’s conceivable to imagine the labor someone would undertake living with this. How often would they mend and trim the table? By considering both the needs of humans and plants, a new furniture typology is created.

Photographs by Javier Agustín Rojas

Real Estate table           
for Quick Tiny Shows #04 - Architecture for Plants
Buenos Aires

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New York, NY