From Fuseproject: Wearable technology is transforming dramatically. We are seeing numerous iterations of wearables, from large displays encased in plastic to watch-like technology on the wrist. In thinking about the convergence of this technology with new form factors, we approach our design work at Jawbone uniquely, with a focus on style and all-day, 24/7 wear. To achieve this with UP2 we focused on three main priorities: size and style, keeping the band as small and as beautiful as possibile; accessibility, ensuring that the band can be integrated into anyone’s life; and creating the most discreet experience possible, eliminating extraneous lights and displays. UP2 provides this in a form that works the best in your life – no flashy screens, no unnecessary buttons and features – “just” a beautiful, stylish, small, comfortable, and truly wearable band. Designed while at fuseproject.

Manufacturer: Jawbone
Year: 2015

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New York, NY