From Fuseproject: We deliberately crafted a design without the distraction of a display, giant logos, or blinking lights: all the excitement and actionable data is on your phone, ready when you want it. We want to engage deeper, beyond the superficial gadgetry that creates short terms excitement.

We spent time crafting a new texture inspired by the circadian rhythms of life and transitions from night to day to night. It is expressed as a wave from that changes frequency and direction as it travels around the surface of the band. It’s about the fluid transition in your day, and the obvious connection between what happens throughout the day and night, and how it affects how we feel. UP is a simple loop that you wear on your wrist, like a wedding ring for yourself that symbolizes a promise made to oneself.

Designed while at fuseproject.

Manufacturer: Jawbone
Year: 2015

Copyright 2019
New York, NY