From Fuseproject: UP3 is designed to be an accessory, with a clear line in the sand, demarcating our approach from other larger and more distracting devices. Our goal is to deliver a discreet and highly personal wearable experience, not one that constantly interrupts the user. UP3 contains some incredible technological innovations. However, this does not mean our wearables have to look like technology – the more advanced the engineering capabilities are, the more we have to be push for the fluid integration of these items into our everyday lives.

The greatest challenge, and the greatest value proposition for UP3, is the new sensor technology embedded into the flexible strap. UP3 can measure advanced movement and sleep patterns, and with the addition of a bio-impedance sensor that can detect heart rate, and many other signals, the possibilities are huge.

The original UP has the narrowest form factor on the wrist of any device on the market, enabling maximum wrist movement, making it the most comfortable wearable available. With UP3, we explored 100’s of internal component and sensor layouts, resulting in different widths and lengths of the band. These hundreds of prototypes, often differing by as little as .3mm, were judged for comfort, size impression, and proportions before we selected the optimal ergonomics for a variety of wrist sizes. The vision was to build a powerful, multi-sensor device in a robust casing that is small and comfortable enough to be worn 24/7.

Designed while at fuseproject. 

Manufacturer: Jawbone
Year: 2016

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New York, NY